Friday, November 5, 2010

Influence On Others

I have not been posting here regularly since August, when my life became complicated by caring for my sick horse. At that time, I had a feeling that I was not reaching anyone and was not making a difference through my efforts anyway. Since then, I have had several members contact me to say that they really missed my daily quotes. Today, after reading Bob Proctor's Friday story, I decided that sometimes we do not know the influence that we have on others, so I am about to give it another whirl. I think I will take weekends off this time however, so I don't get burnt out. If anyone wishes to be added or removed from my Inspiration Everyday Google Group emails, please contact Me any time at:, with either "inspiration subscribe" or "inspiration unsubscribe" thanks, Sandy

This quote is from today's story from Bob Proctor's Insight Of The Day:

"Perhaps none of us realize the impact that we have on other people nor do other people have any idea how much of an impact they have on us. How much, then, should we be aware of our influence on others to make sure that it is for the best? And how much more should we tell those who have had a positive impact on our lives?" ~ Rick Phillips


Winning Ads said...

Hi sandy,
Welcome back. I happen to have a blog called "Inspiration for your day" as well and sometimes I feel like I'm not making much of a difference too.

But this is possibly a symptom of not getting acknowledged for our efforts.

Although our code of honor tells us "Don't desire to be liked or admired", we still crave a bit of recognition at least.

I love your blog an I think that you are making a difference on people's lives, even if few comment. I "suffer" a similar dilemma in mine. But I keep going and write at least weekly. It lifts me up and I'm sure others that may not care to comment.

I hope this helps,


Spiritartartist said...

Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to connect, Carlos. It is greatly appreciated. Your writing is thought provoking and insightful. I especially enjoyed your; "Five Stages of Vision" blog and have become a follower. Best Wishes for Continued Success! ~Sandy

Winning Ads said...

Thank you very much Sandy.
I really appreciate getting you as a follower.
I wish you much success in all your efforts.

Spiritartartist said...

Ditto! :-D